Thursday, July 30, 2009


Very nearly three years ago I started the Spann Fam blog. I started it because we were beginning a journey that would take us far and wide. At the center of it was Kelly's job and when we looked to the future all we could see was a big, giant question mark. This journey took us from Mayer, MN to Rochester, MN to Kansas City, MO and finally to Natchitoches, LA. When we landed in Natchitoches we were certain that it was just for a brief period. That our life here would be part of the grand plan, it wouldn't be the plan.

Funny how things change. Or how God changes us.

After 2 years as an assistant coach at Northwestern State University, where we saw the lives that Division I coaches lead and the sacrifices they make, namely at the expense of their families, we knew that yet another change was coming. For the first time in Kelly's coaching career, we considered making the transition to high school.

After a long (and kind of painful) process of learning the ins and outs of teaching certification in various states, discouragement set in. We weren't certain what our options even were. Another giant question mark. We'd were getting pretty tired of those things. And then, after all the wondering, all the talking of future plans, all the thoughts of moving (again!) we were presented with 2 opportunities close to our home in Natchitoches.

There were many, many details that kept us up at night, kept us talking during the day and essentially took over our lives for the past 2 weeks. Last night it all came to fruition. Kelly accepted a teaching/coaching position at Natchitoches Central High School.

Our future is no longer a big unknown. We are home. We can settle. We do not have to anticipate and prepare for the "what if" that could have come at any time. We have amazing friends who support us here and around the country. We have relationships with the parents of the kids who will eventually make up his team, who support Kelly and are just as thrilled as we are that we've decided to stay.

So, now for the details:

Natchitoches Central is a 5A school.
The mascot is the Chiefs.
Kelly will likely be teaching PE on a block schedule.
Kelly will serve as the linebackers coach for the football team.
Kelly will take over the baseball program next year,
but will likely serve in some capacity this year.

We are excited about this new adventure! We plan to settle in, buy a home, and embrace the Louisiana life. We are home.

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Anonymous said...

Bienvenue en Louisiane!
(welcome to louisiana) - you can have claire translate! :)
We love y'all and glad you are more permanent!
Michelle and Bernie