Monday, June 08, 2009

4th Place!!

Friday and Saturday took us to Ruston for the Crushers 3rd tourney of... well... ever! We'd yet to experience a victory, but when we took 2 games to earn 4th, we were thrilled!

The weekend was oh, so long - we left Saturday morning at 8am. Played 2 games. Ate pizza. Played a 3rd game. Won. Shopped. Swam in the hotel pool. Went to the "Dawghouse" for a late dinner. Slept. Ate breakfast. Played 2 games. Won one. Ate lunch at Applebee's. Played a 3rd game. Lost. Badly. Headed home. Arrived. Crashed.

(Oh, and yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary. Yay us! Kelly & I sat alone at Applebee's while a friend and fellow softball dad fed our kids. More of a date than we've had in awhile! It's been a wild ride these past dozen years, and I'm looking forward to dozens more!)

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