Friday, June 20, 2008

Young At Heart

On Wednesday I turned 31. I am no longer thirty, instead I am 'in my thirties'. This is very different, people. But I figure with all that I do to stay young, I'm really going back in years. So, really I turned 29. What?! Read On:

Last week I took mornings off to volunteer with VBS at our church. I had the opportunity to share "God's Unshakable Truth" with 18 wild & wonderful 3rd graders. It was a long week, as I worked late everyday to make up some hours, but it was worth it. That takes off a few months right there, at least.

This last weekend I attended a retreat for the Student Government Association at Northwestern. My job works very closely with students of different organizations, with SGA keeping me very busy. It was fun weekend & fully participated with the group in team building, low ropes, the whole bit. I even earned a nickname.

And each day I spend my time with college students from all walks of life. They are good to me, but definitely keep me young. I was spoiled on Wednesday with gifts, food, flowers & cards. I enjoyed a wonderful meal and received lovely gifts from my family. Claire schooled me in Yahtzee and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am LOVED.

And young at heart, no matter my age.


Anonymous said...

so, i just read this blog. i swear, i didn't know you were opposed to that phrase and now 29!
Also, i want to know the nickname... Michelle

The Spann Fam said...

I'm not opposed... just like to make a big deal out of something not so big. And the nickname, it's not so exciting...