Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Or Lovin' Summer, whichever way you like, it's definitely summer 'round here!

We're settling into out new home, which the kids call the "house in the woods" which is pretty accurate. We've been visited by lizards, squirrels, rabbits and every manner of insect you can imagine.

Kelly is in full stay-at-home dad mode. He's great at it, though we'd both be thrilled to switch roles. We're thankful for how everything has worked out this year and have truly seen God's hand in all that we embark upon.

Claire had her last softball game of the season on Tuesday, taking home a 1st place trophy. Early on in the season, when the team won games, we tried to emphasise that it wasn't a big deal... we didn't want losing to be a big deal either. Well, when they ended up with an undefeated season, we didn't have much opportunity to learn about being a good loser. And just when we thought it was over, I got a call last night informing me that Claire had been chosen for the All-Star team. She's thrilled, especially since she knows that they'll be in a tournament and are playing other cities. It also means that we have tree weeks of practice and games will be played in 100+ degrees. Summer in Louisiana, gotta love it!

Saturday is our 11th Wedding Anniversary. We'll actually be spending it together this year (last year he was in Kansas City & I in Minnesota). We're hiring a babysitter & everything... a very big deal!

We also have birthday partys, softball camps, and VBS starting next week. Like I said... Summer Lovin'!

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