Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's Play...

Catch Up!!

Let's see... since I've blogged last, we've added a new element to our lives: BASEBALL! Can you believe it! No, I didn't think it was possible either, but we are truly in all-baseball-all-the-time mode. Last weekend was the Dixie Youth Baseball Pre-Season Tournament. You read that correctly, Pre-Season. Nolan had a double header on Saturday, a game on Monday and again on Thursday. All pre-season. Claire's Saturday game was rained out (I've never seen more mud), but played on Sunday and Tuesday. Here are a few highlights:

We begin regular season games this week, which means 2 games each week (for each team) and possibly practices. So, basically we're at one ballpark or the other! Claire has played 1st, 3rd and shortstop but enjoys 1st base the best. Nolan's team doesn't play positions, but after he made the first 6 outs, we told him to let the other kids get the ball. He stood on the field, legs spread apart, huge wad of gum in his mouth and waved his hand "I'll let someone else get it this time, then I'll get it again. Then I'll let someone else." I was just glad he did! They're actually both great little ballplayers, which really comes as no surprise (more so relief, probably!).

The Demons had a rough weekend, losing all 3 games in the weekend series. They're still half-a game back from first place (if you know how that all works, then congratulations. I kind of get it, but mostly just nod my head and say "okay").

I, personally, am already in a summer state of mind. It was actually cool this weekend, a breezy 68 degrees! My dress code these days has included sandals and capri pants, so the cooler temps were actually a shock to me. But still, I'm counting down the days until the kids are out of school & we can stay up late (to enjoy all the ballgames we go to, instead of rush from here to there). I'm looking forward to swimming, hot weather, green market and lazy days. I'll still work full time, but my hours will be relaxed as will the demands of my job. Bring it on baby! (And for those of you in an, ahem, colder climate.... I send you warm wishes. Miss you, but not the weather!)

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