Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Horton and High Water

Who's seen Horton Hears A Who? I have, I have!

It's a cute movie with a great message, which the kids & I enjoyed on Friday afternoon. We were celebrating (or mourning, if you ask the kids) the end of our extensive Spring Break and I took the day off.

Kelly headed to Nacodogches, Texas (you pronounce this one like it's spelled, unlike Natchitoches) to play Stephen F. Austin State University. They won Friday, 12-10. Claire, Nolan & I planned to drive over for the game on Saturday afternoon, have dinner with the team and drive home. It's under 2 hours away and with school on Monday, I knew we needed Sunday to "re-group".

Well, Saturday's drive took a little longer than expected. Let's just say I'm not buying stock in Mapquest any time soon. Sure, if I had really thought about it, or looked at a map, I would have realized that the directions didn't make a lot of sense, even if they did take us where we wanted to go. Mapquest had never let me down before, but, if you know much about me, then you're aware of the fact that I'm directionally-challenged. Long story short, our 90 minute drive took us three and half hours! A friend, and fellow coach's girlfriend, came along for the ride. We finally arrived at the ballpark at the top of the 7th inning. I was frustrated and exhausted but pleased the team ended up winning. We had been invited to stay the night at the team's hotel and watch Sunday's game. The prospect of getting back into the car on Saturday to drive home seemed like no fun, so we took the offer, ate dinner with the team at Fuddrucker's and stayed the night.

Sunday we awoke to pouring rain. After a few hours (and a trip to Starbucks for me - I hadn't had Starbucks or Caribou since moving here!) we headed to the field, not knowing if they'd play or not. The game was to start at 1pm, but by 2 o'clock I was ready to head home. Before we left, however, we'd heard reports of flooding on the way back to Natchitoches. We decided to wait for the guys, not feeling so comfortable driving in the bad weather.

The game was called and we finally left around 3pm. A friend who had left earlier called to tell us that bridges were out on the usual route (she was stuck!), so we informed the charter bus driver and decided on another route. We headed home and drove for about an hour before we were stopped. State troopers had shut down a bridge due to the flooding, (it was raining most of the day, and continued to do so) so we sat for about an hour before exploring our options. We tried every direction (as Nolan said: that way, that way, that way, this way) but bridges were washed out every way we went. We found a bit of shelter in a local church who provided coffee, cookies and a gym to run around in before we learned of an open roadway. After some treacherous roads and a lot of prayer, we finally made it home late Sunday evening. With no "re-grouping" time, we all slept in a bit and got where we needed to be, if a little later than usual.

It was definitely a memorable trip, but one I hope not to duplicate any time soon. Actually, the Spanns are done with road trips for the remainder of the season as the kids will begin to have games of their own to play on the weekends.
We'll probably be recovering long after the season is over, but we're still loving it.

With an off-day for Kelly yesterday and a rain-out today, we've actually all been home at bedtime 2 nights in a row! A record for us lately. And with more rain in the forecast, we may even get more quality time. Now if I'd just go to bed... Good idea. Goodnight!

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