Monday, January 28, 2008


Another Monday. Another weekend gone. As I think about this past week, I realize just how much happens in the span of 7 days. But while our household stays busy and we keep our routine, life just trucks on...

We loved having an extra day off on Monday, which was spent deep cleaning (me), playing (kids), coaching (Kelly). In addition to 4-on-1 practices, Kelly began a new baseball camp on Monday evenings. Kelly & I enjoyed a pseudo-date on Wednesday while the kids were at TeamKID at church. Okay, it was sundaes at McDonald's, but we were alone! The rest of the week brought basketball practice, our regular Friday family movie night (this week was Flicka), Claire's Saturday morning basketball game, an NSU basketball game, church, lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, an afternoon at the park and a bit of shopping.

Our life isn't that exciting, but I love it. I sometimes keep tabs with friends I went to high school with (gotta love the internet)... clothing designers, magazine editors, actors, producers, living a vastly different life in the regions of Los Angeles and New York. In comparison, my life is very simple, very boring. But I wouldn't trade it.

I laugh hysterically at my children, because they are truly funny! I enjoy my wonderful husband who knows me better than I know myself. I'm not just happy, I'm truly joyful. I'm feeling more & more connected to my savior, basking in the peace that only He can provide. What's not to love??

If you're feeling the weight of what a Monday can bring, I hope that you can take the time to find the small joys in your life. Once you do, you'll find the small ones aren't so small... they're the ones that really make a difference in how you view your day. To Another Week!

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Erica M. said...

HI! I love reading your blog, I mean LOVE it! I check it nearly every day. (yeah I know I don't have a life) but I love reading it and hearing about your family. do you know I have one now. You should read it sometime. It doesn't live up to your's, but I think its good. Miss you! Erica