Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Wants NORMAL Anyway?

We Spanns never do anything "normal". We like to keep life exciting... An adventure, you know. It definitely keeps us on our toes.

As I recently posted, I had a job interview for a position to begin in the fall. I've since been offered a position as Assistant Teacher for Kingdom Kids Preschool at our church, Christ Community. I'll be teaching M/W/F mornings, Nolan will be in his own preschool class those same days and Claire will be in 1st grade all day. Her school bus will even pick her up from the church. Our church is on the bigger side (2,000 on a weekend, including Sat evening services) and the preschool enrolls just under 400 students, not including a kindergarten program new next fall. I'll be teaching 4 & 5 year olds and am really looking forward to this great opportunity. It's very outreach-focused and I think it's going to be a great fit. Kelly, the kids and I will all have the same schedule... I love living on the school calendar, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Yesterday, when I made the call to accept the position, the director asked if I might be interested in something for the current school year. I told her that yes, I was, and it's all been a blur from there. I start Monday!

I will be in a para-professional role, working one-on-one with a 3-year old girl who has shown signs of a developmental or mental delay. It's too late in the school year to do thorough testing, I've been told, but the funding was just approved yesterday for the state to pay for someone to work with her, and I am that person.

So, since 3pm yesterday, I've enrolled Nolan in a preschool class at Kingdom Kids, arranged with the transportation department to pick up Claire at the church on the mornings I work, changed and canceled various appointments and commitments previously held on those M/W/F mornings and bought some new pants since I won't be wearing jeans everyday (my current wardrobe).

Kelly left this morning for Iowa, to coach RCTC in a tournament this weekend, returning on Sunday. (He's coaching hitters & outfield - and loving being in the dugout). I'm preparing to teach Sunday School for the first time in Nolan's class this Sunday morning. Kelly & I will facilitate our first small group this Wednesday evening. I'm giving my testimony in our large-group time at my Thurs morning Bible Study and we've got a Pancake Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt as well as art class to attend tomorrow morning. Whew... When my head starts to spin, I take a deep breath, whisper a prayer and realized just how blessed we are. Truly.

On a purely fun note, Saturday we enjoyed a visit from our friends, the Fisks. Our families went bowling, ate out, played games and had a sleepover. It was great! On Monday, my sister Lydia and nephew, Adrien, came to visit. They stayed until yesterday, we loved having them. Our house is a bit quieter now, but the noise of friends and family is always welcome. And it looks like Spring has Sprung! Baseball and football in the backyard, running and playing, it's been just perfect!

So,when I say that we don't do "normal", I mean that life is exciting! And the confidence that comes with knowing that it's all orchestrated by our God, it makes me downright giddy! Here's to not being normal!

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Lydia said...

So, by saying that the house is a little bit quieter now....what are you trying to say....:) I also wanted to say that, yes, I am reading your blog!