Monday, March 26, 2007

First Day

It doesn't matter if it's September or March, the first day of school is always very special. Nolan joined his class today and loved every minute of it! His teachers said he was a delight and he enjoyed the attention he received as the "new friend" in class. A big classroom, both new and familiar friends, snack time and having his own coat hook & cubby are his favorite things.

It was my first day of school, too. The morning went by smoothly, the girl I'm working with is very pleasant and bright and just needs a little extra attention. I enjoyed being in the classroom and look forward to the remainder of the year. The thought occurred to me that Kelly and I are on totally opposite ends of the education spectrum. I'm in the classroom for the very first school experience, while Kelly is teaching and guiding those who are finishing their educational career. And we all have summer vacation... yea!

Have I mentioned the weather lately?? It's currently 78 degrees... we're loving it. Our backyard has plenty of sun and shade alike to make for a perfect place to play and hang out. Tonight is our inaugural grill of 2007. Because everything tastes better grilled over a fire (even if it is fueled by propane). I'm going to enjoy it and pretend that I didn't see the rain/snow forecast for later this week...

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