Saturday, September 24, 2011


We don't use the word HATE in our house. Or, as the kids get older and certain words have become allowed, we highly discourage the use of the word. It's rather harsh, and we discuss if we REALLY hate something or not. 

This morning a list of things I love, and a few things I don't, are floating around in my mind. Perhaps I should have titled this post something else, but too late, I'm not going back! 


coffee. good coffee.
cool, fall days (they haven't arrived yet, but I'm waiting!)
claire's soccer games
family movie night (we watched her last night)
nolan's full body hugs
authentic mexican food
beautiful fall photos (since I can't see it in real life)
my backyard


coffee without good cream
grocery shopping at the end of the month
washing my new cell phone
lima beans
rude people

I could type plenty more in my hate list, but in the spirit of positivitiy, I will make sure that my LOVE list is longer! Happy Saturday!

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