Monday, May 16, 2011

run, spanns, run!

Not too terribly long ago, in a land not-so-very far away, the Spanns ran in a race. More specifically, we participated in a fun run to benefit and raise awareness for our local Women's Resource Center. 3 of us came home winners. That's right! You might be thinking, "oh poor Angela, she must have been so sad to be the only Spann not bringing home an award". Well, that's where you'd be wrong, sucka!

Nolan took 2nd place in the boy's 1 mile, Claire took 2nd place overall for the women's 5K (that's OVERALL - including grown women!) and I {embarrassingly} took 3rd place in the women's 1 mile. I mean really, who wants to be recognized for an 11 minute mile. Yeah, there weren't a ton of entrants in my category. But I ran and have a 2nd place ribbon to prove it!

We had  great time and supported a wonderful cause! Run, Baby, Run!

Oh Yeah!

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