Monday, April 18, 2011

i know, i know...

it's been far too long!

If you check back to this time (Spring!) for the last few years, I'll betcha one hundred smacks that my posts were scarce. I can't help it, it's just busybusybusy! You know, the usual. School, work, baseball, softball.

We've also been visiting the orthodontist (braces are in our future), running in 5Ks and attending AWANA, but the bulk of our time has been spent at the ball park. I'll post pics soon, its just that I've been busy coaching Claire's team and keeping the scorebook for Nolan's team... so I don't actually HAVE any photos. {Ahem,} I'll try to get on that.

The Chiefs' season is winding down. It's been an emotional one. Summer baseball will pick up right after school lets out, but hopefully it will prove to be easy, breezy, just as summer ball should be.

Claire is taking a break from her travel softball team. We've loved being a part of the Crushers, we were just on the verge of burn-out, and 9 years old is waaay to early to burn out from anything. We're enjoying having our weekends back and look forward to playing on a travel team again in the future.

Claire also served as the official bat girl for the Lady Cheifs softball team, which she L.O.V.E.D. She even attended an away game with the girls. I think she's got the job for life. Or, until she's actually ON the high school softball team.

Nolan's baseball team is doing great! Especially when you consider the fact the college fraternity that was sponsoring and coaching the team quit just before games started. Fortuntely, we have some great dads who were willing to step up. Proud of my Natchitoches Lion.

Claire's team (aka MY team)... well, we're struggling, to say the least. It was expected, but still not a bowl of cherries. It's okay, I'll get over it. In June.

Nolan ran and took 5th place in our Spring Fever Fun Run. He is a champ! Claire took first place in the girls division of the 5K. Oh yeah, baby.

Yeah... that's it. We are DYING for Spring Break, which starts Friday. Hallelujah! I'm looking forward to working in the backyard, and adding something that looks a little like this:
Okay, it looks EXACTLY like that, but whatev. Isn't it fun? Makes me want to take a nap outside... Or inside. Whatev.

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