Monday, May 03, 2010

deep thoughts

- i think i should go to bed. maybe in a few minutes.
- i think i'm going to repaint the study next month. 'chocolate pudding' is too dark. something lighter. with fat horizontal stripes perhaps.
- i'm considering highlighting or coloring my hair. i haven't done that in forever. of course, i haven't found grey hairs before either.
- i'm trying to decide weather to cut my hair or grow it out. it's in a weird in-between stage right now. not cute. of course it doesn't help that i cut it myself.
- i think i'm going to sign claire up for girl scouts. she's a pretty busy girl, but most of her activities are athletic. i'd have to go easy on the cookies, though.
- i am feeling thankful for my job. i love it. i'll really love it on may 26 when the kids have their last day of school. i'll love it even more on june 11 when i have 8 weeks off!
- i am honored that i was chosen as the outstanding support employee for our school. i was shocked when i found out that i had been selected as the winner for the district. they must have pulled my name out of a hat. or maybe i'm good at my job.
- i love having a swimming pool. it's a lot of work. and a bit of an expense. but seeing the joy on the kids' face makes it worthwhile. oh, and jumping in after working in the yard isn't so bad either.
- i'm getting a little burnt out on softball and baseball. kelly's season is done but the kids are wearing me out. 3 teams between 2 kids is a little much.
-oh, and nolan was invited to play on a travel team this summer. "just one tournament." that's what they all say.
- i can't believe claire is going away to camp for 5 days in june. am i old enough to have a child that's old enough to go to sleep away camp? no.
- i'm very close to being the mother of a 7-year old and a 9-year old. Odd numbers make them seem older. me too.
- i'm excited about planning our disney christmas. it'll be... you know, magical.

hmmm, not as deep as you were hoping for? sorry to disappoint, this is lady is feeling a bit shallow (and sleepy) today. perhaps next time. 'nite!

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