Friday, August 01, 2008

Words - Finally

Finding the time to blog actual words was a bit trickier than I had anticipated. But here I am, in all my glory. I know you're thrilled! But instead of boring you will details of the past, I'll give a quick synopsis:

My vacation was glorious. It wasn't what I consider to be relaxing, as we spend much of our time with the actual travel portion. Plane to car to boat to car to plane. But I have no complaints. I didn't get sunburned and that is a major feat for me. I was able to spend the week with my mom and sister, both of whom I hadn't seen in year. A year! I left not only the city of Natchitoches, but the state of Louisiana and the US as a whole. When do we go again?!

Shortly before I took my vacay, Kelly & the kids trekked to New Orleans and Florida for their trip. Baseball camp and a family reunion were the main events. They came home tan and tired. This is the first and last time that we'll take separate "family" vacations!

We're gearing up for school. Claire & Nolan head back in a little over a week. Tomorrow is school shopping day and I'm especially excited because it's Louisiana tax-free day tomorrow. This doesn't mean much to our Minnesota friends since they get tax-free shopping EVERYDAY, but I'll take what I can get!

My job is getting busy again after a nice, relaxing summer. The fall semester starts Aug 25 and we'll be in high gear until Christmas or so. Kelly beings fall practice in September and is taking on a full-plus load of classes as an instructor. We have 7 home Demon Football games to look forward to, fall baseball scrimmages and new, fun exciting events at church.

We're still taking full advantage of summer: swimming & sweating are the 2 main means of cooling off. Evening is the hottest time of day, and I'm still not accustom to the possibility of getting sunburned at 7pm! Of course, the hot weather will take us full in October & November and we'll enjoy a nice warm Christmas.

It's hard to believe that Kelly has lived & worked in Louisiana for nearly an entire year! It's flown by and we're grateful for the journey. Our lives are not boring, that is certain, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We are all happy, healthy and oh-so thankful.

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